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  1. Posted by vdbanda, — Reply

    Absolutely. Wow, Veronica, I am completely convinced you have considered everything, which shows your heart for this. Thank you so, so much. 🤍

  2. Posted by nicola3501, — Reply

    @jamesmasterman 😪😪

  3. Posted by video_boda, — Reply


  4. Posted by whiteniteweddings, — Reply

    anyone love this as much as me ? :p

  5. Posted by wcministries, — Reply

    Beautiful idea🌷

  6. Posted by rachealiyere, — Reply

    Awwww this got me emotional

  7. Posted by dbigghum, — Reply

    I have this pinned to my wedding board too

  8. Posted by idealistaurora25, — Reply


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